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*Services are available in English & French*

 Payment Options
 Price includes tax.
*Seniors get 10% on all services.*

Vet Transfers,

Pet Transportation & Deliveries

Providing transportation for scheduled vet appointments and Emergencies*. 

Transport to/from grooming, boarding and other service locations. 

Delivering food, supply, and medication.


Accepting all and any animals. 

Some transport requirements for exotic animals to be provided by the client.


*For Emergencies, please call ahead to your vet, and detail your pets emergency to our staff. 

Our team are not licensed Vets, we are

 Pet First Aid certified for cats and dogs only

(see section "About us" for details). 

Pricing & Duration 

Vet transfers/Emergencies

Duration: Varies by location and wait times.

Price: $55 base rate;  

$40/ each additional hour.

General Transport

Duration: Varies by location and wait times.

Price: $40/hour


Duration: Varies by location.

Price: $30 base rate.


Drop-in Visits

+Pet area/Litter box cleaning

Short visit, making sure your pets have everything they need. Offering a quick play, quick pee, food & water refill, brushing, and limited medication administration*. 

Drop-in visits can also include a quick reset of your animal space: vacuum, cleanup of their food station,
play areas, litter, pee pads, and any other mess they may have made while you are away.  

*Note: Medication details MUST be provided in writing, our team are NOT licensed Vets, basic animal first aid training only. We will ONLY follow the directions on the medication prescribed. 

Pricing & Duration 

Duration: Varies. Approx. 30-45 min.

Price: $25 base rate;

$35 including cleaning option.

Discounts are available when booking 3+days/week. 

Dog Walking

1:1 walks, Group Adventure & Dog Park Sessions 

1:1 Dog Walking  🦮 We offer 30, 60 or 90-minute solo walks. Walks can include some time at the nearest dog park. 

Group Adventure 🌲 We offer 60 or 90-minute group walks at Campbell Valley Regional Park, Golden Ears or Derby Reach Regional Parks. On or off-leash according to your preferences*.

Dog Park Sessions 🐶 On or off-leash (long line available), your K9 can join us for an hour-long session at the nearest dog park.


We are taking a maximum of 4 dogs for our Group Adventure walks and  for each Dog park Session. Adapted to your animal personal needs and training. 

*Note: We are not professional dog trainers.  Please let us know about your dog(s)' temperament with other dogs/people and their recall skills. Our mission is to help them socialize safely while having fun!

Uplands Dog Off Leash Park

Pricing & Duration 


Duration: 30-90 minutes + transportation time.

Prices: $25/30 min.

$40/60 min.

$55/90 min.

Discounts are available when booking 3+days/week. 

Daily Pet Sitting 

Having an anxious animal at home?

Our Pet Sitting services allow you to leave the house while we spend quality time with your pet. This service may include a walk, some playtime, a quick cleaning of your animal space, brushing, feeding, and more!

Pricing & Duration 

Duration: Varies.

Prices: $40/ 1 hour base rate; 

$35/per hour.

Discounts are available when booking 3+days/week. 

An Animal Intake Form is required for most services. 
You can complete it in person or download from our Terms & Conditions page, and send it to us!
Please read and agree to the Terms and Conditions.

What we prioritize at Pets & Paws...
Your pets' well-being.
Reliable service.
Your privacy.

Area of Service

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